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Google says Intel-powered VMs are the way forward, despite cost

But your business might not need them

Google is encouraging customers of the Google Cloud to take advantage of Intel’s virtual machines. The Intel Software Center of Excellence will be available for customers with high demand workloads such as video encoding, web transactions, databases, analytics, and AI inference.

Intel can come to a business and tell them how they can make the work flow better by telling them what needs improvements.

The Intel CPU will cost more, due to the company’s Xeon Scalable processors. They have built in AI acceleration via the AVX-512 set of vector instructions (introduced in 2013) and their Deep Learning Boost feature.

While it is true that VMs fitted with Xeon Scalable processors can provide impressive speed boosts to some workflows, the software that powers them must be optimized by developers for use with the tech.

High costs and lack of opportunity could be the reasons why Google and Intel are only offering a hands-on service for specific enterprises.

Companies who don’t need, can’t leverage, or simply aren’t aware of the latest Intel processor technology could be put off by an automatic change to service.

AMD’s new Epyc server processors will ship with support for AVX-512 this fall.

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