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iPhone X review

The rebooted iPhone we'd been waiting for

The iPhone X was a huge adventure from Apple, yet one that really paid off six months into our testing. Losing the home button and altering the design was a dangerous move, but one that was plaintively demanded after times of similarity and the decoration design, redundant power, all- screen front blend together to produce- by far- the stylish iPhone Apple’s ever made. It’s insolvable to give a perfect score to commodity that costs this important- but this is the closest to smartphone perfection Apple has ever got.


  • +Great screen
  • +Premium, strong design
  • +TrueDepth camera is powerful


  • -The most expensive flagship phone around
  • -Metal rim can scuff without case

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The iPhone X is the huge vault forward that Apple’s handsets demanded after ten times, and it’s indeed better in 2022 thanks to its iOS 16 upgrade and continually- added new features. Away from the original iPhone in 2007, the iPhone X had the biggest impact on Apple’s smartphone direction ever – and indeed its newest successors have not changed much of its design inventions.

Apple itself is calling it the future of the smartphone, the personification of what it’s been trying to achieve for a decade. But while the iPhone X is each about ultraexpensive corridor and an each-new experience, it was a huge adventure for the Cupertino brand too – which paid off, as every new iPhone since also had largely kept the design, until the iPhone 14 Pro did down with the notch- but indeed also, Face ID remains and the standard iPhone 14 still has a notch.

Losing known, dependable rudiments like the Touch ID point scanner, the home button; introducing new styles of navigating and unleashing the phone – and charging a lot further for the honor – seems parlous for a company that was formerly traipsing new ground by doing down with the traditional headphone jack.

But the iPhone X was the handset we ’d been demanding from Apple for times – a world down from the decreasingly-tired designs leading up to the iPhone 8 that have continued to live in the nearly identical- looking iPhone SE( 2022).

Watch our review of the iPhone X’s design below.

The vehemence around this phone tells that story – everyone wants to know if the iPhone X is worth having, incompletely because it actually represents a new iPhone, and that vehemence is similar that they do n’t feel to watch about the cost. Thankfully, that cost has come down over the times, and it’s still a important phone.

So is the iPhone X worth having? Did it change the direction of an assiduity where numerous of the specs Apple has put in – fast charging, wireless charging,bezel-less displays and face recognition – are formerly on the request?

We have had the iPhone X in our grasp for times now, and while it’s no longer one of the stylish smartphones around, it’s still an excellent handset- especially considering its age.


Weight: 174g
Dimensions: 143.6 x 70.9 x 7.7 mm
OS: iOS 14
Screen size: 5.8-inch
Screen Resolution: 1125×2436
CPU: A11 Bionic
Storage: 64GB / 256GB
Battery: 2,716mAh*
Rear camera: 12MP+12MP (both OIS)
Front camera: 7MP

Still, or considering buying one, the package is a lot more tempting now that iOS 16 is out, If you are loving your iPhonesX. Apple’s rearmost operating system brings numerous upgrades, like a customizable cinch screen, advancements to concentrate mode, and tweaks and changes to multitudinous other apps and features.

iPhone X price and release date

  • Released on November 3 2017 worldwide
  • Much cheaper than launch in 2020
  • Comes in 64GB and 256GB storage sizes

It’s nearly meaningless to bandy the iPhone X price – it launched as the most precious flagship phone on the request, but iPhone druggies are more willing than utmost to look once cost.

But, while the focus then’s going to be on the technology, we still need to at least mention the price and release date. It’s out now, having launched worldwide on November 3 2017. The price- at least at launch- was harder to swallow.

At launch, the iPhone X bring$ 999/£ 999/AU$,579 for the introductory, 64 GBmodel.However, 149/£ 1, 149/AU$ 1, If you wanted the larger 256 GB model it bring$ 1.

Since also of course multitudinous newer models have landed, and Apple has discontinued the iPhone X. You can still find it at third- party retailers, but generally only refurbished models. The prices then vary but this has dropped from a high- end price to further of a lowermid-range one now.


  • By far the best screen on an iPhone prior to XS
  • Clear, vibrant colors
  • Notch at top slightly irks, but doesn’t get in the way

The first thing you ’ll notice about the new iPhone is hard to miss the new screen blazes into your eyes the alternate you pick up the handset.

The5.8- inch OLED display is, relatively simply, the stylish thing Apple has ever crammed into an iPhone, or it was, until the iPhone XS arrived. It’s hops ahead of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus for so numerous reasons the sharpness, the quality, the fact that it fills the whole front of the phone, and the color reduplication.

It’s also using a new, longer, screen, but while it looks larger than the iPhone 8 Plus ’5.5- inch display on paper, it’s only hardly bigger in terms of factual screen real estate – it’s just stretched overhead, so it’s high, not wider.

OLED technology means you ’re getting deeper blacks and further bedazzling whites, so everything from websites to the prints you take in will look a little better.

Some will point to the fact that Samsung has been using OLED defenses on its phones since the first Galaxy, but Apple counters that by saying it’s only now that the technology is good enough for its phones.

On the face of it that sounds protective, but when you use the iPhone X you can see it’s a screen that’s incredibly, well, Apple.

It’s not the sharpest or most various screen on a smartphone, but it’s clean, crisp and does n’t suffer from terrible color shifts when you move it around. It’s a great display to look at from all angles, and that’s what you want on a mobile device.

It’s also been dubbed the stylish in the world, by the recognized DisplayMate testing, showing that it’s the brightest and further color-accurate OLED on the request and good out- centre brilliance shifts showing Apple can tune the tech from Samsung really well.

The term ‘bezel-less ’ has been mooted about for the iPhone X, but that does n’t really tell the right story. Yes, there are slight bands around the edges of the screen as this is not a twisted screen iPhone, but they do n’t mar the experience – they give the fritters commodity to land on, precluding accidental traces of the screen.

Apple could reduce these farther in the future and offer a more visually- appealing iPhone, but on the X the experience is still striking.

Talking of visual appeal, the notch at the top of the iPhone X is commodity that’s been divisive, and that’s show. Apple has taken this little knob out of the top of the screen to house the new TrueDepth camera, and it encroaches on the display. A lot newer Android phones, including the OnePlus 6, copy this style, though indeed newer phones similar as the OnePlus 6T are offering much lower notches.

In portrayal mode it’s hard to notice it’s there, and the way the announcements bar spills around it’s nice.

still, place the phone in geography mode and it’s far more conspicuous; it’s an irritant when you ’re watching pictures, as when we wanted to expand them to fill the screen( one of the real knockouts of having a longer display) rudiments of the action were cut out by the notch.

The longer screen is also thinner though- this means there is lower real estate for typing. We did not notice this at the launch, but when flipping between the X and an aged iPhone, you will really see there is lower space for your integers to valve onto.

While we ’re talking about that longer screen, the 189 format is commodity we ’ve seen on a number of other phones this time, and in the Android world the apps are largely decoded to fill the display just OK .

On the iPhone X, still, that’s not the case, with numerous apps we used packing massive black bars over and below the display. That is snappily started to ameliorate however, and each day further apps update for the longer screen.

The issue with apps using the black bars is that it makes the iPhone X look like any other handset from Apple- indeed an iPhone 3GS – and given the screen is the main visual differentiator on this phone, and you want every app to fill the display nicely. There are now veritably many apps left that have these bars over and below, with utmost expanding the screen to fill the whole front of the phone and wind around the notch.

The new display on the iPhone X also showcases a new point for Apple HDR playback. The phone can show pictures decoded in the HDR10 and Dolby Vision formats, and combined with the OLED display the images offer so much further depth and realistic color reduplication.

still, the effect is inconceivable on the iPhone X – important like with all OLED defenses, If you ’re watching a scene with explosions in it.

still, it’s innately harder to make out detail in darker scenes in HDR pictures – that’s commodity you ’ll need to acclimate to.

Compared to the TV screen of the iPhone 8 Plus, there are times when you can see lower of the action, but compare them side by side and you ’ll see that the overall uproariousness, depth and quality for watching pictures is just advanced on the iPhoneX.

Like the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, the X uses a True Tone display, which mimics the lighting conditions around it and will acclimate the white balance consequently. It’s not a reason to buy the phone on its own, but it’s a really ultraexpensive little redundant that you ’ll grow to like.

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